Functions of NaBIC

  • Institutionalization of the relationship between university departments and its various programs with the manufacturing and service sectors;
  • Stimulating partnerships between the university and various business sectors for the purpose of implementing scientific research geared to providing solutions and development projects implementation;
  • Encouraging Palestinian small-,medium- and large-scale enterprises in both manufacturing and service sectors to adopt the concepts of R&D and innovation to develop their institutions;
  • Motivating researchers in the academia to address the diverse problems and challenges of industrial and commercial firms, and propose appropriate solutions based on scientific research methodology;
  • Establishing innovative network research community to exchange views and find fertile ground for employers to connect the manufacturing and service sectors with different researchers (faculty, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students);
  • Identifying capabilities of the academic staff in different departments of the university who are qualified to benefit the productive manufacturing and service sectors;
  • Preparing annual reports on the university partnerships with the productive manufacturing and service sectors;
  • Organizing seminars, conferences and workshops aim at linking the university in with different industrial sectors.