• Providing a semi-free training to the private sector staff through training courses offered by the university;
  • Conducting scientific research projects in a way to convince the owners of industries that the expected outcomes and findings of these projects will yield in favor of the development of their companies;
  • Developing an industrial magazine issued in the name of An-Najah university that publishes industrial problems with accompanied with their recommended solutions. Also, the magazine can be used to publish promotional advertisements for national products and services of various companies;
  • Creating a Portal at An-Najah university to communicate with the industrial sectors;
  • Granting the companies which support research (graduation) projects the opportunity to promote their products and services on advertising boards in the university campuses for one academic semester;
  • Inviting company executives as guest speakers to deliver talks of some success stories in their industries to be broadcasted in the radio program on "Voice of An-Najah";
  • Announcing a prize to be awarded, according to well-defined criteria, by the university for the scientific research-most supporting organization;
  • Honoring companies that support scientific research at the annual ceremony held by the university on the sidelines of the graduation ceremonies.